Eco-Friendly Efforts

eco-friendlyWe are happy to introduce a number of eco-friendly gifts by featuring containers that are biodegradable or use recycled contents, and products that are all-natural, organic, or locally-sourced. Look for the “Green Bee” sign! In our efforts to be more environmentally-friendly, we do our best to reuse clean packaging materials in gift shipments & use biodegradable cornstarch packing peanuts. We also print our shipping labels on recycled paper. Beginning in November 2022, we’re transitioning to recyclable, water-activated paper tape to seal our gifts slated for shipment & invested in two big tape dispensing machines from our eco-friendly packaging supplier & ally, EcoEnclose.  All of our unusable cardboard boxes are gathered by Seattle Public Utilities’ curbside recycling program, and our plastic film waste is gathered & repurposed by Ridwell.  Call or email us to schedule a  pick-up of your reusable packing materials from your Seattle office or home, or drop them off to our NE Seattle gift studio & say hello!