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I’ve been out of a few key spices and teas for too long, and a break in my gift deliveries today provided the perfect window of opportunity to hit World Spice Merchants ( near Pike Place Market and get the job done. No matter what mood I enter World Spice, I leave happy and excited. On this trip, I quickly honed in on some of the basics I needed: whole cumin, Indian cayenne, Ancho chili flakes, garlic and ginger powder. The friendly folks behind the counter saw I was deliberating over their ground pepper selection. They offered enough helpful information and I settled on the Szechuan chili.

World Spice Merchants, Seattle WA

World Spice Merchants, Seattle WA

Soon enough, they had me on Juniper berries once I told them my husband loves grilling meat. I topped off my spice order with some bulk Honeybush and Sencha teas, shelled out $40, then headed back on my gift delivery schedule with a grin on my face and cooking on my mind. If you ever need fresh spices or teas and you live in Seattle, I strongly recommend treating yourself to World Spice Merchants. It is a wonderful olfactory & visual experience guaranteed to stoke your inner fire for culinary creativity. If you can’t get to World Spice Merchants in person, they have beautifully packaged spice boxes that you could probably order over the phone.

World Spice Merchants, Seattle WA

World Spice Merchants -BBQ Rubs

If you are looking for a variety of spice-infused snacks as a gift, consider sending bumble B design’s Spicy Snack Box. We customize our gifts regularly and could pick up something spicy from World Spice Merchants to include in the gift. Check it out here: We ship nationally.  Enjoy the spice of life!

bumbleBdesign-Spicy Snack Box- Seattle, WA

bumbleBdesign-Spicy Snack Box-large

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