Holiday Business Gifts at bumble B design

Fall is a busy time in the B-hive as we busily work on designing custom holiday gifts for our business clients. Here are a few examples of our current gift projects.

Client: Pacific Medical Centers

bumbleBdesign- Holiday Munch Box, Seattle WA

Pacific NW Holiday Munch Box for Pacific Medical Centers

Our client Pacific Medical Centers loves giving local  Pacific NW edibles in their holiday gifts to their health partners. They prefer keeping the overall environmental imprint low, so they usually go with recycled content gift boxes rather than gift baskets, as gift baskets usually include more packaging materials. This year, their holiday gifts feature Troubadour Baker’s Seattle Spiced Nuts, Theo’s Organic Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bar, Chukar Cherries’ Milk Chocolate Spiced Hazelnuts, Biringer’s Pumpkin Pecan Tea Cookies, Vincent Family’s Dried Cranberries, and five tasty little ginger molasses caramels from Jonboy Caramels. They have two sized offices that they have bumble B design ship to, so we are creating a smaller holiday gift box and a slightly larger one. They will be sending their pre-printed holiday cards to include within the gifts.

Client: Envestnet

Envestnet’s holiday gifts feature not only sweet & savory regional snacks and teas, but also customized Envestnet Tote Bags and a branded Happy Holidays sticker on the inside of the gift box. The blue and silver color scheme reinforces their brand colors with a holiday flair.

bumbleBdesign-custom corporate holiday gifts, Seattle WA

bumbleBdesign-Envestnet Holiday Gift Boxes 2015

Client: Heinz Marketing

bumbleBdesign-PNW Holiday Basket

PNW Holiday Basket for Heinz Marketing

Heinz Marketing also requested to feature Pacific NW snacks in their gifts, but preferred a basket presentation over boxes or trays. They will be sending their holiday cards along with pre-printed company stickers to include on their Pacific NW Holiday Snack Baskets. Providing our business clients with sample pictures like the one above helps us fine-tune the gifts according to our client’s tastes. In this case, the final gift will have a more sophisticated metal snowflake flourish, and we’re removing the products from Oregon and featuring all Washington made products.

Client: Schnitzer West: 818 Stewart

bumbleBdesign-818 Stewart Holiday Gift Towert, Seattle WA

bumbleBdesign-818 Stewart’s Holiday Gift Tower/Schnitzer West

Schnitzer West’s holiday gift-giving focus is to give elegant gifts with high quality sweet and savory snacks for three different sized offices in the buildings they manage. Every year, they return to the gift box tower motif, and each year, the contents and color scheme changes. We deliver the holiday gift towers to their 818 Stewart building in Seattle, and they then distribute the gifts to their office tenants. We are able to artfully personalize each gift with handmade gift card incorporating the 818 Stewart logo along with hand-calligraphed notes in gold ink.

If you are considering giving holiday gifts to your business clients, tenants, or partners this year, now is the time to get in touch with us! Email Bevin at [email protected] to discuss your holiday gift needs. Visit for more information. 









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