Product Buzz: Dang Toasted Coconut Chips

January is the month of the San Francisco International Fancy Food Show as well as the Seattle Gift Show, and given that we specialize in Pacific Northwest & West Coast gifts, I try to hit both looking for tasty new products. This year’s shows did not disappoint. Here’s one product that I thought would be a great addition to bumble B design’s snack-oriented gifts such as our Munch Box, Nibbler Basket, and West Coast Basket:

Dang Toasted Coconut Chips, Original Recipe 

I had tasted Dang’s Toasted Coconut Chips at the 2015 Fancy Food Show, and liked them. They are sweet and crunchy, and made from only three ingredients: coconut, cane sugar, and salt. The fewer the ingredients, the better, in my estimation. This year, I lingered a little longer at their booth, relishing their new Onion Chips, and tasting once again their sweet, crunchy coconut ships – winner of the coveted Sofi Gold for Best Snack Food in 2014. Initially, I thought that “Dang” was a bizarre business name, but I appreciated learning the story behind the title.  The owner Vincent K. states, “Dang is my Mother’s name. One day she gave me a recipe with toasted coconut chips that changed my life. The flavor was so good, I started a company to share our coconut chips with the world and named it after her.”  Thank goodness for the culinary influence of mothers all over the world, including Dang in Thailand! I decided to bring their Original Recipe Toasted Coconut Chips into bumble B’s lineup of interesting snack treats for our gift baskets & boxes. They’re good straight out of the bag as a sweet treat, sprinkled on yogurt or granola, or added to your favorite cookie recipe. Other perks: they’re gluten-free; vegan; non-GMO, a good source of fiber, and a Certified B Corp. As the tagline says, “Dang, that’s good!” For more information about Dang Foods, based in Berkeley, CA, visit their website. And ask for them in bumble B design’s gifts! 


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