Great Gifting with Tasty Bites: Snack Gift Baskets & Boxes at bumble B design

The majority of the gifts we create at bumble B design are snack-oriented gifts, and for good reason: who doesn’t love snacks?! Whether you’re giving a gift to an individual, a family, or an office staff, snacks are a safe & tasty bet. Because we make our gifts to order, we can customize our snack gift baskets & boxes according to our clients’ budgets and gift recipients’ tastes or dietary restrictions. We can also build a gift around a particular theme, and often include pre-printed merchandise for our business clients. Combined with our hand-calligraphed gift tags or branded business note cards, our gifts featuring high quality & carefully selected snacks are a delight to receive.

Here are some of our most popular snack gift baskets & boxes at bumble B design:

Gourmet Snack Basket 

Our Gourmet Snack Basket is a great choice for people who love more unusual tastes.  It features a variety of sweet & savory gourmet & artisan snacks, such as Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, Fran’s Chocolate, Mama Lil’s Marinated Peppers or Unbound Pickling’s  award-winning French Quarter Pickled Beans, smoked oysters or salmon, Olympia Provisions salami, and roasted nuts from Clif Family Kitchen or Nunes Farms, & gourmet crackers or biscuits from La Panzanella or Troubadour Baker. We also can add award-winning Beecher’s Cheese to gift baskets that are being hand-delivered within Seattle, or airmailed with cold packs.

bumble B design Gourmet Snack Basket - snack gift baskets, Seattle, WA

bumble B design’s Gourmet Snack Basket

” I ordered 2 Gourmet Snack Baskets as a thank you in a corporate setting. Bumble B Design was able to customize the baskets, work within my price range and vary them so they didn’t look like the same basket. They sent pictures and answered all of my questions and were able to deliver them FAST! The recipients absolutely loved them! Thank you Bumble B!” – client review, Gourmet Snack Basket

Seattle Box

 Portlock’s Wild Caught Smoked Salmon, Fran’s award-winning Gold Bar, Seattle Chocolates “Loud & Proud” or “Overcast Seattle” Bar, Dilettante Biscotti Bites or Biringer’s Tea Cookies, Chukar Cherries, & Pop! Gourmet Popcorn’s Cascade Mix  are the main contents of our Seattle Box – one of our most popular regional Pacific Northwest gifts.

bumbleBesign-Seattle Box-- snack gift baskets, Seattle WA

bumbleBesign’s Seattle Box, small

Beautiful, fresh, and incredibly tasty! What more could you ask for from a gift box. Thank you so much bumble B for our amazing Seattle Boxes!

– client review, Seattle Box


 Nibbler Basket

The Nibbler Basket is our most popular snack gift basket going to office staffs & groups of people. It’s similar to our Munch Box, but bigger in size.  It features tasty sweet & savory snacks with a wide appeal, including: bite-sized cookies (Biringer’s  or Dilettante), poporn (Pop! Gourmet, Masala Pop, or The Art of Caramel) salted & roasted nuts (Nunes Farms, Troubadour  Baker, or Clif Family Kitchens), cheesy goodness from Fuller’s Serious Cheesy Puffs, bite-sized chocolates (Fran’s Chocolates or Seattle Chocolates), and caramels (Jonboy, Fran’s, or Droga). We make sure there’s at least one item that’s a good gluten-free snack in our Nibbler Basket, such as Miss Marjorie’s Plantain Chips, Sisters Apple Chips, or Moon Cheese. In contrast with our Gourmet Snack Basket, all the snacks in our Nibbler Basket are easily openable and shareable because it’s designed to go into office settings with lots of nibblers.

bumbleBdesign-Nibbler Basket, snack gift basket- snack gift baskets,Seattle WA

bumbleBdesign’s Nibbler Basket-one of our most popular snack gift baskets for businesses

bumbleBdesign-custom Nibbler Baskets

bumbleBdesign’s Custom Nibbler Baskets, Dahlstrom Builders

 Bevin was great to work with. I had a specific request of types of items for my client and she already had a basket that had many of the items. She was able to adapt that and send direct to my client. My client loved it so much. Thanks again for superior communication, service, and quality. top notch.

client review, Nibbler Basket


Spicy Snacker

Spice lovers, this gift box is for you! Featuring Troubadour Baker’s Spiced Nuts, Pepper Jack Moon Cheese, Nunes Farms Spicy Cocktail Almonds or Clif Family Kitchen‘s chocolate chipotle almonds, Fuller’s Serious Cheesy Puffs in Blue Cheese Jalapeno flavor,  Reed’s Ginger Chews, & Gary West’s Black Pepper Beef Jerky. If you’re giving a gift to someone who loves the spice of life, send our Spicy Snacker  rather than our Munch Box!

bumbleBdesign-Spicy Snacker Gift Box - snack gift baskets, Seattle, WA

bumbleBdesign’s Spicy Snacker Box

” The Spicy Snacker gift box was a present and was much appreciated by the recipient.

client review, Spicy Snacker

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