Mother’s Day Gifts & Musings

The celebration of mothers can be found as far back as Roman and Greek societies, but the most popular name in the history of the modern holiday is Anna Jarvis. In 1914 she championed it in the face of war. And isn’t that just like mothers? Fighting their cause in the midst of chaos? Organizing movements and organizing families are all in a day’s work for a mother. Her efforts shape the lives of her family and through them, the world. It’s a weight that can weigh on even the strongest warrior’s shoulders. Which is all the more reason to celebrate their efforts – and we have the Mother’s Day gifts to do just that!

Unwind & Indulge This Mother’s Day – May 12th

Relaxation comes in many forms, and every mother deserves the opportunity to relax and unwind. Whether she prefers a bottle of wine or a jog through a spring trail, there’s a companion for it here. Our hand-delivered Be Happy Wine Bag is an eco-friendly way to indulge. Don’t be afraid to break out of the mold (or break in some hiking boots) with our Cascade Mountain Box. You’ll find it’s filled with trail snacks and a travel journal to pack for any mountain hike.

If chocolate is what catches your mom’s eye, we suggest our eco-friendly Lavender Lover’s Box. Perfect for adventurous moms with its Caramelised Lavender Flowers in Milk Chocolate. These Hungarian chocolates will keep you coming back for more! The box also contains some of our local favorites like the air-purifying lavender beeswax candle from Big Dipper Wax Works. For a more traditional choice, the Chocolate & Caramel Gift Tower combines the work of some of the best Seattle chocolatiers! We do recommend the large size here for the full chocolatey experience, after all, there’s no such thing as too much chocolate! 

Where would we be without mentioning the Mother’s Day Basket? It’s a perfect balance of relaxation, chocolate treats, and other eats. Don’t think you’re getting off too easy, though. You can’t forget the personalized handwritten card to accompany your choice! Just think – when Mother’s Day first came about, a phone call was a luxury and a handwritten note common, and now it’s quite the reverse! Make sure your mother knows how special you think she is with your heartfelt words in beautiful calligraphy

Every mother is unique, and if none of these Mother’s Day gifts seem to quite “fit” don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss custom options. 

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