Father’s Day is More Local Than You Thought

Your Father’s Day gift should be too!

The third Sunday of every June is a special day. Not just for fathers and families, but for all Washingtonians. After all, Father’s Day is a local holiday. That’s right; it was first celebrated right here in the Pacific Northwest (Spokane, WA to be exact) back in 1910. Though, we might have to share some of the glory with Arkansas – the birth state of its founder, Sonora Dodd. Sonora’s dad was a single parent of six after her mother passed away when she was a teen. Given the idea after hearing a sermon about Mother’s Day, which Anna Jarvis was in the process of founding, she petitioned her local church to hold something similar in honor of fatherhood. 

Father’s Day didn’t catch on right away, though, and it very nearly died off in the ‘20s. It wasn’t until 1974 that it became an official holiday. Of course, we don’t recommend waiting that long to show your appreciation. What better way to do so (for both your dad and the holiday’s roots) than with a taste of the local culinary scene?

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Seattle Coffee Box

bumbleBdesign - Seattle Coffee Box - with Seattle mug
bumbleBdesign – Seattle Coffee Box – with Seattle mug

Seattle’s coffee culture is still buzzing – and for a good reason! Our Seattle Coffee Box includes local goodies like delicious Lighthouse Roasters coffee beans. And what goes better with coffee than chocolate? Included in this box are Joe Chocolate Co.s’ Coffee Bark and Granola Bar Cookies from Macrina Bakery. Give dad the chance to sit back and enjoy in a Seattle-themed mug (or classic black mug if that’s more his speed).

Thai Knives

Thai Chef Knife - Verve Culture, Thai Knives - bumble B design
Thai Chef Knife – Verve Culture

Okay, so maybe this one isn’t quite as local as the others, but you can’t deny the prevalence of Asian cuisine in Seattle. These hand-forged steel knives from Verve Culture are made in Thailand by talented artisans and come in a keepsake bamboo box. Verve Culture is a Colorado-based company that promotes fair-trade practices and supports artisans from around the world. You can read more about the people and process behind the knives here.

West Coast Smoked Box

Does your dad burn everything he puts on the stove? That’s okay, he can still enjoy our West Coast Smoked Box. This popular box is filled with local smoked meats and treats that make it the perfect go-to for Father’s Day foodie gifts.

Whatever your plans and your parents’ preferences, don’t forget to give the most important gift of all: your gratitude. Parents face a lot of judgment. Too tough, too lenient. Too open, too closed. Too clingy, too distant. This June, we invite you to take a moment and appreciate all the parents – particularly the fathers – who are out there genuinely doing their best. Here’s to you!

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