Give a Little; Get a Lot: The Art of Business Gifting

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect holiday gift for a business client or partner? You’re not alone if you said yes. Often, gift-givers find it difficult to strike a balance between sentimental gifts and those that the recipient actually wants. This task can be daunting enough, causing many people to suffer from gift-related anxiety. Throw in the added pressure of making sure the gift is a great reflection of your company too, it’s no wonder we get a lot of business clients seeking guidance. Wondering why we are talking about holidays before summer is even out? Because 40% of shoppers have already begun – including many of our clients!

When done well, gift-giving feeds a sense of social reciprocity, which means that the person who gets the gift feels indebted to the giver – in this case, that would be you. This makes them more likely to do something for you in return. In corporate settings, it’s been shown to reduce any concerns about the company’s loyalty to the workforce, motivating better performance(1). Other studies suggest that, as rewards for a quality job or during onboarding(2), gifts from a supervisor help employees feel supported. That feeling directly led to less turnover in a team or even a department(3).

Do you spend a lot of time taking care of clients? If so, you know client gifts have been a staple for ages, but they can still be difficult to figure out. The right gift can increase your “top-of-mind” space, making you the first person they think of when they think about your industry. Plus, giving makes you happy too – at least that’s what science says – and a happy you is always a good thing.

What we specialize in here is making sure that it is the right gift. Whether it’s a modified version of one of our existing offers, like Kristin below, or something completely new, we’ve been helping people navigate the world of business gift-giving for 18 years. 

Stacey, in Seattle, has allowed us the opportunity to be a part of growing her business.

“In May 2002, I put my first order in to bumble B design. Now, I continue to rely on bumble B for all of my business gifting needs. Each and every time, I rely on [them] for having just the right gift to send, which is reasonably priced, beautifully packaged, and delivered right on time. Using bumble B design has enhanced my own business reputation – I highly recommend their services!”

– Stacey R., Attorney at Law

Kristin, with DCI Properties, landed on a modified “Munch Box” to incorporate the company brand.

“I bought this delightful package as a corporate gift for several of my commercial tenants, and it was a great success!! I am so pleased with bumble B design’s thoughtful assortment of goodies and lovely packaging. Definitely recommended!”

– Kristin M., DCI Properties

And where would we be if we didn’t do with a smile? Because we love what we do, it’s easy to provide good service!

“I’ve worked with Bevin 2 years in a row on some holiday baskets for my company’s corporate partners. She is a very fast and attentive, professional, great communication, excellent service. The baskets themselves are absolutely beautiful – the photos online don’t even do them justice! I would highly recommend the Seattle Snacker – it’s all locally-made treats, which is a win-win for supporting multiple local businesses at the same time. Wish I could give them six stars!!”

– Kandy H.

Oh, and we’re local, of course. Thanks, Kandy, for acknowledging our efforts. It’s almost like your gifts keep on giving! Not only are you supporting our small business – you are also supporting the local companies who supply us. Many of these are eco-friendly, too, promoting pollinator awareness and fair trade, organic farming practices. Sounds like a win-win, for you and for the planet.

Whether you’re getting on top of your holiday shopping or have a special business occasion to celebrate, be sure to check out some of our more popular gifts or contact us for custom options!

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