Craft Chocolate Tasting Kit


Craft Chocolate lovers, this gift is for you! Featuring the exceptionally smooth, award-winning craft chocolate from Goodnow Farms Chocolate. See Description for details. 

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Goodnow Farms Chocolate is our favorite premium east coast craft chocolate maker, and we were inspired to design a gift featuring this outstanding small but mighty chocolate company for the dark chocolate lover on your list. It’s an especially fun gift to bring out when your foodie friends or family are over. Cut up small squares of each of the chocolate bars, lay them out in a line on the bamboo board enclosed in the kit, & slowly taste & compare, one bar at a time. We think their single origin cacao butter featured in each of their chocolate bars make this craft chocolate exceptionally smooth & rich. Goodnow Farms Chocolate is ethically sourced, direct trade, soy free, vegan, & gluten-free. Want to learn more about craft chocolate? Goodnow has a great description here.

Features an eco-friendly bamboo cutting board (8″), plus the following bars from Goodnow Chocolate Co:

77% Dark Chocolate with Putnam Rye Whiskey* – Special Reserve (Ecuadorian cacao, Boston Harbor Distillery Whiskey)

70% Ucayali (Peruvian cacao)

77% Dark Chocolate with Las Palomas Coffee (Guatemalan coffee & cacao)

70% Asochivite with Maple Sugar (Guatemalan cacao)

* NOTE: the Whiskey bar can be substituted for their Oat Milk Chocolate Bar – specify your preference in the “Order Notes” upon ordering. 





Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 in


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