Eco-Friendly Bee Bag

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This reusable jute bag includes eco-friendly personal care products & treats for your favorite majesty on the move. See Product Description for content details. 




This natural jute bag from Savannah Bee Company includes these eco-friendly products for your favorite majesty on the move:

Moon Valley’s organic soap, Savannah Bee Co’s Honey & Beeswax Body Balm and Wildflower Honey, wildflower seeds for bees, Choice Organic Teas, Big Dipper Wax Works’ Beeswax Travel Candle, organic Moon Valley Honey Lip Balm. The medium size also includes a 16oz. recycled aluminum water bottle with “Save the Bees” printed on the bottle, wrapped in a “Save the Bees” hand-printed towel from Kei & Molly. The large size also contains reusable, multi-purpose cloth wipes from Molly Muriel or organic Honeybee Confections from Theo Chocolates (if shipping destination is over 70 degrees, we won’t include anything that will melt).

*Eco-Friendly features:
Organic & all-natural products
Products benefit the bees & promote pollinator awareness
Reusable burlap zippered bag
Reusable recycled aluminum water bottle
Minimal packaging
Biodegradable packing peanuts used in shipping box

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Eco-Friendly Bee Bag

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  1. Jasmine Johnson

    We ordered two of these for some out of state clients and were incredibly delighted at the quality of the products. This is such a fun and unique gift that really helps our company stand out to clients. Thank you so much for the incredible service and quick delivery!

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