Product Buzz: Tonewood Maple Cube

I’ve updated bumble B design’s Breakfast Basket to include some delectable new products I stumbled across at the International Fancy Food Show in San Francisco earlier this year, including Tonewood’s Maple Cube. Tonewood’s Maple Cube caught my eye despite its small size: I have never seen a maple product presented in a dense, sleek-looking square block.  Then I noticed the pile of shavings next to two maple cubes they were sampling at their booth, and I sampled each one. The small pile of maple shavings melted in my mouth, and the pure maple taste was divine. The Tonewood owner showed me how the cube was easily shaved with a cheese grater, and can be enjoyed with many different types of foods and drinks.  I tried shaving it and it was fun! Innovative design; fun to use; delicious to eat; minimal packaging waste; long shelf life.   It made perfect sense that it was one of the Sofi Gold award-winners at the show this year. I was sold and bought a case, knowing it would be a wonderful compliment to the other outstanding products in our Breakfast Basket .

Tonewood Maple Cube - bumble B design  Breakfast Basket, Seattle, WA

Tonewood’s maple shaved onto Bobs Steel Cut Oats – yum! products featured in bumble B design’s Breakfast Basket

bumbleBdesign - Tonewood Maple Cube & Bobs Steel Cut Oats

Tonewood maple shaved onto Bobs Steel Cut Oats.
bumble B design’s Breakfast Basket

More reasons to love Tonewood, based in Mad River Valley, Vermont :

  • Environmentally-friendly farming practices
  • Environmentally-friendly business practices that support climate research, local farming efforts, and sustainable forest stewardship 
  • Inspired Adopt-a-maple-tree program (supporting two small maple farms in Vermont) –
  • Recipe suggestions shared on their blog:
bumbleBdesign - Tonewood Maple Cube

bumbleBdesign – Tonewood Maple Cube

More reasons to buy real maple products (rather than the corn-syrup based products they try to pull off as maple syrup in grocery stores):

  • Maple trees don’t deplete the soil; they do not require chemicals, pesticides, cutting, or harvesting. As a result, maple production is environmentally-friendly, organic, and sustainable.
  • Maple products contain 20 unique health promoting compounds including disease fighting anti-oxidants, minerals, and phenolic compounds. Loaded with nutrients, including manganese, iron, calcium, zinc, and potassium, maple is being hailed as a superfood, capable of preventing and fighting diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.  (courtesy of Tonewood’s website)
bumbleBdesign Breakfast Basket ,- Tonewood Maple Cube

bumbleBdesign’s Breakfast Basket featuring Tonewood Maple Cube

If you’d like to purchase a cube of Tonewood’s Maple Cube, you can order directly from Tonewood (east coasters), or from bumbleBdesign (west coasters). Or, buy our Breakfast Basket and send it to someone you love! It makes a wonderful house-warming, holiday, or thank you gift for families, and they will have fun shaving the maple onto Bob’s Steel Cuts Oats or 10 Grain Pancakes, like I do.


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